Concept: Pull! - An Easy Pill Dispenser

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Student designers, Judit Tompa, Ben Kőrös and Krisztina Bozzai, created a packaging concept solution for Pfizer's FELDENE pills that is easy to open for those suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA).

The most common symptom of RA is joint pain. It becomes difficult for a person who has RA to open a simple bottle of pills. This concept allows RA patients easy access to their pills when they are feeling these symptoms. The pills are arranged on a stripe that is rolled up and put into a cone-shaped plastic box. The stripe of pills has holes for clawing and pulling it out of the box.  At pulling it folds and breaks fractionally, and the pill simply drops to one’s palm.
These young designers thought of their users and found a creative way to fit their needs. They cleverly named the concept package, Pull!






Designed by Judit Tompa, Ben Kőrös & Krisztina Bozzai - Pfizer Workshop (2011), Student Project

Photography: Rétfalvi Soma


The Problem

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The Solution

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