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Taxi Studio is capturing the spirit of Kate Hudnott with tying tastes together with their newest project, Hudnotts. 

Inspired by the work of Devon-based drinks pioneer Kate Hudnott, Taxi Studio has recently collaborated with her to create Hudnotts – a wickedly exciting range of flavoured spirits.

“This project was overflowing with craftsmanship and creative potential from the start. We immediately identified Kate as an ‘Alcoholic Alchemist’ and came up with a central proposition around ‘Tying Tastes Together’, allowing us to develop a beautiful brandmark from a single piece of rope.” 

-Ryan Wills, Creative Director  



Taxi also developed a brand story depicting the Hudnotts range as an outpouring of Kate’s darker side – her Seven Deadly Sins. By way of an eclectic set of illustrations, each ‘sin’ cleverly connects an aspect of the product and Kate’s passion for concocting liquid perfection.

“I never could have imagined the way in which Taxi would capture my personality and the craft with which I approach my work. I make my products on a small scale because I want each one to feel individual in some way; now I truly have a range of drinks that reflects the passion that I pour into each and every one.”

- Kate Hudnott

Designed by Taxi Studio, Bristol, UK

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