Before & After: Joeys

11 27 2013 joeys 1

"Honey Creative has designed the new cake brand and packaging for Irwin’s Bakery, targeting the family market. 

JOEYS delicious madeira buns are made inside out, with the filling on the outside, making their products a little bit different.

The main inspiration for the design was taken from traditional home baking. This is reflected through the unique wallpaper patterns and the eccentric kitchen shelves, featuring giant jam jars and other irreverent objects. The bold colours and prominent branding ensures shelf standout in a market where only a few brands dominate and lots of own brands exist. 




The packaging copy features jokes, facts and hidden details that encourage kids to interact with the packaging and will be supported with regular competitions
 Matt Purkiss-Webb: There are some very strong brands in the cake market but we think JOEYS has great potential in the family market."

Designed by: Honey Creative, U.K.

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