Daft Punk Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set

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You probably got a heavy dose of Daft Punk's Random Access Memories this past summer, but you have to check out the soon to be released Deluxe Box Set:

"The critically acclaimed and chart topping album by French duo Daft Punk, Random Access Memories has sold nearly 3 million copies worldwide since its May release and with accolades from around the globe.  The Deluxe Box Set Edition is $275.00 and will be a cloth bound box carefully filled with specially designed and rare collectables." -Columbia Records






List of contents of the Random Access Memories Deluxe Box Set Edition:

 -The Deluxe Box Set Edition is presented in a cloth-bound box (333mm x 333mm / 13" x 13") stamped with the Random Access Memories logo in gold foil on the cover. All individual contents are separated by vellum dividers printed with a circuit pattern texture inspired by the gloves of the Daft Punk Robots.


-A special edition 180-gram double vinyl with gold and silver foil labels. Includes an 8-page saddle stitched booklet containing album artwork, credits and lyric sheets.


-A 56 page cloth-bound, hardcover photo book of images from the RAM recording sessions and film shoots, featuring a foreword by Paul Williams.


-A special edition 10" collector's vinyl containing an extended interview with Giorgio Moroder taken from the original session recordings for the song, "Giorgio by Moroder".


-Two sets of Robot helmet design schematics with individual components separated onto 8 layers of unbounded transparencies. Each set is contained in a clear presentation pouch.


-A pair of full body Robot design schematic posters (304mm x 608mm / 12" x 24") printed on heavy weight matte finish poster paper.


-A 70mm motion picture filmstrip containing 5 sequential frames from the "Lose Yourself to Dance" original production dailies, mounted in a heavy weight matte stock with an open back.


-A pair of gold and silver plated, metal encased, reusable USB drives containing the following:


High-resolution digital audio files (88.2KHz / 24Bit) of the 13 original tracks on RAM plus the high-resolution audio files of the bonus track, Horizon and Daft Punk's Get Lucky Remix.


High-definition, Apple Pro Res 422 (1920x1080) video files of:  the full length video for "Lose Yourself to Dance"; the original RAM TV campaign spots; the extended Coachella version of the "Get Lucky" promo featuring Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers.



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