Juniper Ridge

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Juniper Ridge was Chen Design Associates first ever luxury Fragrance client, with the task at hand they redeveloped its brand and packaging that combined sophistication with the outdoors. The collection had a strong design and looks incredibly tasteful. Read more about Juniper Ridge and CDA's development after the jump!




"Chen Design Associates has a passion and strength for diving into new industries, listening to our clients and retelling their unique story from a fresh perspective. In our first luxury fragrance products endeavor, CDA has been retained by Juniper Ridge to redevelop its brand from the ground up on packaging its full line of products, printed collateral and retail website. Communicating what they do authentically and simply, we are connecting them with their sophisticated clientele and conveying a resonating love of the outdoors.

“It is an honor to work with the creative masters at CDA… and a pleasure to watch as they routinely and steadfastly respond to our rough ideas with polished, fully-realized design. Always up for a challenge, the team at CDA tirelessly represents the core of our branding story. Their work never overpowers the identity — it transcends and elevates it. That is what CDA is so great at: design so good, you forget you are looking at design at all.”
Obi Kaufmann, Art Director
Juniper Ridge

Juniper Ridge products reconnect people with the experience of truly being in nature. Their business is to go to the mountains, harvest wild plants and distill natural fragrances to own and enjoy anywhere. A distinct departure from the market's status quo of artificial, lab-produced scents, Juniper Ridge reclaims pre-industrial perfumer techniques to create seasonal, limited editions of harvested plants from real places backpackers love. They even accomplish this while being conservationists. But their previous branding wasn't telling this authentic story — and it wasn't engaging their savvy consumers.

The comprehensive new look and feel CDA has created for Juniper Ridge walks a delicate balance between humble and organic, sophisticated and timeless. Miniature brown glass bottles give more the sense of an elixir made with whiskey stills and copper pipes rather than a perfumery. Retro rounded bottles evoke the nostalgia of camping as a kid. Refined typography with customized red-stamping denote a one-of-a-kind harvesting locale and season. Their product look book is now a retro-inspired postcard package that unfolds to reveal views of Juniper Ridge's "life on the trail." And their retail website, currently in its first phase, is evolving fully toward the new branding… In the meantime, CDA and Juniper Ridge encourage you to go off screen and get outside!"

Designed By: Chen Design Associates, San Francisco, CA

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