The SNOB Cava, Spanish Sparkling Wine

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The Snob is a Premium Cava (Champenoise method wine), designed by Sidecar Design for "Everyday's like Sunday", brand of gourmet and delicatessen products.

The design and naming is based on the definition of Snob as "a person who admires all the dictates of fashion". A "snob" person is one who tries to generate trends from what it sees something out of trend. The design of the different bottles is based on the “Dressing Code” is the dress code every time. For a “snob”, would be unthinkable to appear dress the wrong way on a social act.

It’s the maximum menswear label. Reserved for the night or evening events for academics or diplomats. It is only permitted indoors. Mandatory always dress-coat and white tie. We equate this dress code with The Snob Premium Cava “Gran Reserva”.

The tuxedo is the most used costume party at night. Is "wildcard" because it can look very different in many circumstances. Compulsory bow tie, always black (Black Tie). Define The Snob Cava “Reserva”.
In addition to these definitions of dress code, we have created the "PINK TIE" to define the best Rosé Sparkling wine of the cellar.
Designed by Sidecar Design, Spain 

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