Montico Zinfendel

"Norway's Stenberg & Blom AS challenges the wine establishment with launch of new Zinfandel brand. The naming and design emphasize & reflects the uniqueness of this wine in a modern-vintage manner. With so much offerings in the market we needed an expression, which would clearly differentiate the new bottle giving it maximum stage presence, therefor outsourcing a custom hand-lettering from Signfidelity - a typograpical boutique based in Oslo . Yet remaining true to this product origin we based our main flow of inspiration on the authentic, highly collectible and prized throughout the world Italian hand-painted ceramics of Deruta. The wine label we crafted with so much passion has been a huge success - during the first month of the launch over 5000 bottles effortlessly found their way to different wine aficionados all around Norway.

The scope of Grid AS 's participation includs: Name, brand story, hand-lettering,illustration and identity."



Client: Stenberg & Blum AS

Design Agency: Grid AS
Hand-Lettering: Signfidelity 



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