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Magnetic Cities are wonderfully designed magnets that regonize iconic destinations in India. The designs on each city are captavating with incredibly detailed illustrations. I would love to visit each city and collect each magnet! See more of these designs after the jump!







"Magnetic Cities by Gasoline
To break the monotony of hackneyed Indian imagery on souvenirs and to offer a refreshing alternative to avid collectors at souvenir stores, Gasoline, a design house based in Mumbai, has designed a range of magnets as a tribute to iconic Indian destinations. Aptly named ‘Magnetic Cities’, the magnets feature cool iconography to depict each of the destinations and offer a glimpse of contemporary Indian ‘urbanscapes’.
“The inspiration came to us while visiting a souvenir store in an airport lounge.  We came across the same, identical set of souvenirs in almost every store, from miniature Taj Mahals to picture postcards of popular destinations with cheesy typography. We decided to do something about it. 
While we drew inspiration and borrowed from local art and culture, we were mindful to steer clear of classic Indian art. Instead, we decided to give the magnets a contemporary twist. We turned everything from popular landmarks to the proverbial auto-rickshaws of Bombay into cool icons which were then collated together as a piece of illustrative art. 
The fabrication and the printing was done locally. However, considering the magnets were aimed at the avid collectors, we didn’t stop at the product level. In fact, the packaging took much longer to develop and source than the product. We were disappointed with the finish, the thickness and the limited sizes of tin boxes available locally.
After months of extensive search, we were thrilled to find a supplier 200 kilometres away from Bombay who could customise the boxes in the sizes we wanted with a muted brush steel finish. Then came the labels which were printed on imported sticker paper and stuck the old, forgotten way; with a pair of hands.
This limited-edition set of 3 magnets featuring  destinations including Mumbai, Goa and Kolkata is on sale for Rs. 480 (approximately $10).
For more information, please visit or drop an email to"


Agency: Gasoline, Mumbai

Design Team: Anil Kakar, Norma Rodricks

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