Before & After: Sarson's Vinegar

Sarson’s is a globally renowned, heritage brand that supplies vinegar in glass bottles. Traditional vinegar bottle designs make it hard to get an even and accurate ‘pour’, so Robot Food set about eliminating the problem of soggy french fries, with the invention of Sarson’s spray vinegar.

“The Sarson’s bottle is iconic, so we wanted our spray bottle to mimic the existing bottle shape. Even the pump is designed to fit the existing lid silhouette. We then created a transparent cap, which turns our bottle into a lozenge shape, to differentiate it on shelf. Next we simplified the branding, to be printed directly onto the cap, so that when removed, the iconic bottle shape is emphasised.”






"We also suggested a new balsamic vinegar, in a black glass bottle, which looks fantastic on the table without its lid. It’s still obviously Sarson’s, but offers the brand a new higher price point product.”

Designed by Robot Food, Leeds, UK




In-DepthDiane Lindquist