Five 5000ml

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Five Olive Oil | 5000ml is a  unique olive oil package design. I think the modern and sophisticated design really communicates organic, high-end and gourmet. I love the typography usage on the front and the number "5" cut out to make a half "O." View more photos of this great design after the jump!



"Gourmet olive oil of premium quality from Greece. Produced by the method of first cold extraction at low temperatures (T<27oC), under constantly controlled hygienic conditions. It is a single-varietal olive oil (100% Koroneiki variety) with fruity and intricate (rather spicy) flavor and distinct aroma. During the process of packing, it has a maximum acidity of 0.3%."

Product Design of FIVE 5000ml Ultra Premium & Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Dimitris Panagiotidis, Greece

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