House of Cards

The collective designed these wonderful labels for House of Cards, wine produced from growers Elizabeth and Travis Wray in the Margaret River wine region.

"The Margaret River wine region is located in Western Australia and boasts 215 wineries across 5,000 hectares. Despite growers Elizabeth and Travis Wray's prime location in the Margaret River wine region, they always felt that every vintage they produced were at the mercy of Mother Nature. Out of that train of thought, Elizabeth and Travis decided on House of Cards as their brand's name. With the help of the collective, they have these lovely labels to show for their work."

"The images on the label reference things associated with a deck of playing cards. The main motif that references the story behind House of Cards is the image of an unknown hand plucking a card from a deck. The design is a good balance between playful and classic."


Designed by the collective, Ultimo, New South Wales