The Diotoys

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Just in time for the Holidays! This beautiful wood package design from Réka Diósi for DIOTOYS is so classic and unique! The packaging for these wooden toys are so beautiful and have a collectable feel to them. Read more about this design from Réka Diósi after the jump!




"Identity and package design made for Hungarian handicraft wooden toys. Preparation with meticulous care and operational mechanism based on technical observations make the toys so special.

The wood plays an important role in the identity, too. It's kind – the walnut = DIÓ in Hungarian- was given the idea of the (family)name.
Its material is raw veneer, which is thin enough, to be treated easily. The original coarseness and furrow of the wood create the overall rustic effect.

I applied silk screen technique for printing the material, which was made at the workshop of my university by myself. Silk screen printing technique was also implemented for textile, recycled bag of the wooden box packaging.

By creating the design it was an important aspect to use those kind of materials which reflect naturalness, so I chose environmentally friendly raw materials. The veneer parts of the identity are reused from the furniture industry as those were fallen or broken pieces.
All the stationery, envelope, label and other accessories are printed on recycled paper, the little bags used as wrapping made of 100% wool. 


Designed by: Réka Diósi, Hungary

Client: the DIOTOYS - a piece of childhood

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