Tarrida Wine

11 22 2013 tarrida 1

"The designer of Tarrida Wine packaging came up with quite an intriguing brand identity for the alcoholic beverage that's rooted in an unusual surrealist emblem. The most pronounced graphic element on the sticker is an incandescent lightbulb with a tangle of wildflowers trapped inside of it and a droplet escaping from the base of the fixture. The image is enough to catch the eye of a curious consumer and have him ponder the meaning of the picture."



"Pere Pagà of Paga Disseny, Spain, makes a Eureka moment of this range of vinos. The label instantly illuminates with a familiar form and the exquisite details of stems, leaves and colorful petals. The drip that descends on Tarrida Wine packaging is the enlightened nectar of a luscious grape-derived drink."

Designed by: Paga Disseny, Spain

11 22 2013 tarrida 2