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Sorger is a family owned bakery in Germany. A bakery with a lot of history and heritage is recognized for there amazing brewed coffee and delectable pastries. Moodley Brand Identity has designed an array of packaging to accompany these amazing treats! The design is modern, colorful, type based, and very bold and lively. 



"For more than 300 years, we have been established in the heart of Styria as a family with now more than 25 branches in the areas of bakery, pastry shop, coffee house and roastery and widely known and popular. Whether our own traditional hand-roasted Arabica coffee, homemade bakery and the quality of bread, pastries, snacks or lunches our estimate - we, the Sorger family and all the staff look forward to your visit."   

Designed By: Moodley Brand Identity,  corporate design, campaign, illustrations, advertisements, packaging, merchandising - Germany

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