Pen's Limited Edition Chocolate Paint Set

Pen's Limited Edition Chocolate Paint Set looks uncannily like the real thing! Pen Online teamed up with Oki Sato, from Nendo, to created this realistic-looking paint set using chocolate. Naming it "Chocolate Paint," the box packaging of the stylish chocolate paint set opens up to unveil 12 different paint tubes – each tube are filled with various flavors: vanilla, grape, coffee, brandy, rum, caramel, blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, green tea, honey lemon, and melon. When bitten, the flavor oozes out a color fill that looks like paint and tastes delicious.






via Pen Online

Designed by Nendo, Japan

Photography: Hiroshi Iwasaki


11 18 13 Pen 2

11 18 13 Pen 3