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11 17 2013 TransInstruments 1

&Larry had the opportunity to design something unique and different for the Engineering Industry. Trans Instruments is a bold and colorful design and as &Larry describes; 

"The interesting thing about this project was the opportunity to do something completely different from what one would associate with packaging for the FMCG/Engineering industry, designing something that was modern and functional."






"We were commissioned to design the packaging for a new range of filter papers by Trans Instruments.

To differentiate and manage the extensive number of products, we devised a system using colours and sizes."

"An abstract graphic was designed to represent the filtration process, whereby larger particles are retained in a filter while smaller particles pass through. The boxes were designed such that they formed a colour coding system when stacked in the warehouse for easy identification.

A brochure featuring the same colour system was designed for users. It was printed on paper similar in texture to the product (filter paper) to strengthen the concept."

Designed By: &Larry Pte. Ltd. Singapore

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