Before & After: Henninger

11 16 2013 henninger 1

Henninger needed a redesign for thier brand in order to reach a wider contemporary audience. Mousegraphics  stepped into this project of redesigning the brand's visual identity.


"This was a challenge that we approached by analyzing carefully all the elements of the existing logo and its context.

We decided to keep and rearrange them in a meaningful way: the emblem (a coat of arms with 2 lions) was separated from the brand name, the overall design became more clear and linear, a frame based message was introduced. This evolved like a scrabble game with visual elements in the place of letters."


Designed by mouse graphics, Greece

11 16 2013 henninger 2
11 16 2013 henninger 411 16 2013 henninger 7

11 16 2013 henninger 6