Old Salt Merchants

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"Old Salt Merchants is a family run nautical provisions company located in the Victorian Seaport of Port Townsend, Washington. Anika is a designer, caramel maker, and iced tea junkie, and Joshua is a publisher, sailor, and rum drinker who loves old-time radio. Between them they’ve been involved with associated maritime trades and businesses for more than two decades.

Our mission is to be the best “olde shoppe” in port, offering superior, natural, nautical provisions and gifts to customers who appreciate the same. If you call and it’s noisy, that’s just the kids, the dog, or the fog horns."



Meet Dutch

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"Our merchant sailor and delivery skipper. His is a life of trade winds, tea traders and trade routes, rhumb lines, dock lines, rum and lime. Venturing into lesser known ports of call, Dutch regularly returns with the finest nautical provisions on the globe.

Dutch has put a lot of miles under his keel. Our line includes ingredients from places as varied as Cyprus, Sri Lanka, Australia and Port Townsend. Like any proper old salt, Dutch is also a teller of colorful sea stories. Sometimes they get so colorful we have to send the kids away, but mostly we ask for more. It’s fun to work with someone who refers to people as “pollywogs” or calls them ”half-cocked” and says things like “full to the gunwhales.”

Source: Old Salt Merchants

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