La Catedral de Navarra

09 26 2013 LC 1

La Catedral de Navarra is a contemporary take on food package design. An eye catching modern logo is something I rarely see in the food industry and on top of that the main color being black, which you also rarely see in food packaging. I really love the uniqueness this design has and the vibrant colors that are represented through the vegetables in each jar which accents the label and overall design very well. It would definitely catch my eye on the shelf! See more images after the jump!



"Conserving company with more than 70 years and three generations harvesting and elaborating on the traditional way to conserve vegetable from the orchards of la Ribera de Navarra."

Client: La Catedral De Navarra

Designed By: TGA+ ASOCIADOS, Spain

09 26 2013 LC 6

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