Früute Holiday Baskets

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Meet the new Früute Gift Baskets for the Holidays! The Los Angeles based bakery has created adorable gift baskets for their delicious cookies. Früute classic clear bags comes in a bright red felt basket that immediately associate you with the holiday season. The two different sets, Doodle Sculpture and Little Forest come with cute little friends to decorate your holiday settings.




Designed by Ferroconcrete, Los Angeles 


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Signature Felt Basket  

"We spent months perfecting the design, sourcing the premium felt, and crafting our baskets so each one reflects our attention to detail. it’s a useful, stylish household item in is own right. the high level of design and quality ensures that however you choose to use it—früute’s basket will find its way into your story."

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snowman and reindeer doodles sculpture "icons of the season hand crafted from rolled steel wires. No care or feeding required"

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Wooden Penquin & Tree "wooden penguin & tree set create your own little forest with festive evergreen trees and penguins, made from poplar wood"