bella j. Candles in Collaboration with Illustrator, Sujean Rim

bella j. is where home decor and fashion meets. "Created by two female entrepreneurs Jennifer Worthington and Jennifer deKlaver , bella j. is a cool collection of colorful and delicious smelling candles with amazing jewelry hidden inside - each piece of chic jewelry inside ranges from $10-$10,000. The charms are silver, gold, diamond pave and even a few lucky winners will find a diamond pendant valued at ten grand. The packaging was designed by Sujean Rim, the trendy illustrator who designed for Daily Candy, Barney’s and Tiffany’s."

The Dieline had an opportunity to ask both Sujean Rim and Jennifer deKlaver, Cofounder of Bella J. a few questions on the design. 




How did the collaboration between Sujean and bella.j started? 

JEN DK:  Sujean and I met on a project for Target in 2008. We not only loved collaborating on that project, we became fast friends. We knew then that there would be a time in the future when we would work together again. When Jen and I came up with the idea for bella j., Sujean was the perfect fit!

What are your inspiration for the illustrations for bella.j? How do you keep yourself inspired in general?

JEN DK: The inspiration for the illustrations was a real collaboration between us, Sujean and John Maloney
(our other creative force). We played off the names and fragrances and created the packaging around it. We love playful, graphic forms and bright happy colors. The team finds inspiration in art galleries, the fashion world, interiors and just walking through New York city!

Watercolor is pretty unforgiving as a medium, why water color?

SUJEAN: It's my very favorite medium to use...and partly because it is so unforgiving. I'm always learning with watercolor- I love playing with color and trying out new techniques. There is such a feeling of spontaneity with watercolor that I could never achieve with anything else.

Do you usually have creative freedom in creating your work?

SUJEAN: I feel lucky to say that I usually do. Most of my clients are familiar with my style before they contact me so it makes it easier, and once I understand what a project is about- my

goal is just to interpret their vision.

Have you done illustrations for package design before? Do you approach it differently from fashion or editorial?

SUJEAN: I have had my work on packaging before, but they were more like spot illustrations so the approach wasn't much different from a fashion or editorial piece. Bella J was very special and fun to do because each illustration is designed for the packaging and product in mind.



Designed by Sujean Rim in Collaboration with bella j. (Jennifer deKlaver and John Maloney)

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