San Francisco based branding agency, Noise 13, worked with herbal tonic brand, Reorient, to create the brand's identity, packaging, and website.

Nourishment is the central philosophy behind Reorient's brand and products. Drawing inspiration from the apothecaries of China and Japan, Reorient creates artisanal herbal tonics made from herbs, flowers, fruits, and botanical essences that are known for their nourishing and beautifying properties. But Reorient is more than just a beverage, as Noise 13 discovered during their conversations with Reorient.



"Reorient brand was not necessarily suited to the food and beverage market. Instead, the emphasis on “nourishment for your body from the inside” meant a stronger association with the health and beauty sector."

So with this conclusion in mind, Noise 13 gathered inspiration from Chinese and Japanese apothecaries, vintage botanical textbook drawings, and Chinese Suzhou embroidery. "We wanted the visual identity to reflect the brand's Eastern heritage, but with a more modern and feminine touch. Instinctively, we leaned toward illustration as a key element to communicate the preciousness and delicacy of the product."

The bottles are simple and elegant and allows the tonic to shine. The custom illustration that wraps around the front of the bottle is sophisticated and elevates the brand as a "luxury herbal house." And because the tonics are naturally bold and vibrant, using a black and white color palette allows just enough pop and readiblity from the orange and red hues of the tonic.

Designed by Noise 13, San Francisco
Creative Director: Dava Guthmiller
Designer: Christine Lee
Project Managers: Gina Chang/Claire Saccoccini
Photography: Madelene Farin Photography
Logo design: Emily Berry, BerryCreative
Development: Cameron Renfro/Memmadog