Nyurka Came! A New Russian Milk Brand

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"In the Russian market true natural milk packaging comes with images of village, clean air, wooden fence, dense thickets of grass, a barn, linen on the rope and curtains blowing in the wind, but where is the cow?! "

"For Нюрка пришла!, a new line of natural products, Viewpoint brings the cow to the for front (well kind of) by using the image of a cow, Nyurka. Nyurka unexpectedly appears in different places: on milk package - peeking through the fence, on cream package - looking through the curtains, on sour cream - amongst linens hanging on a rope and on curdled, she appears among the green thickets of grass. For maximum visibility to the buyer as well as production ease, Viewpoint used single pantone color and white."



Designed by Viewpoint, Moscow 

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