10 22 13 BAU 1

BAU recently tasked mousegraphics to created a design solution for their packaging. They developed a simplified packaging using color and clean typography.

"We have a series of materials related to construction and building. The brand's name translates as 'construction.' We want a packaging which will convey this in a simple, modern, distinctive way. Professionals in building, and common people who have simple construction works as a hobby. We focused on the idea of construction and used Tetris game as our reference platform. The highly successful tile - matching puzzle video game, was launched in the 80's and is based on the random sequence of Tetriminos (color shapes composed of four square blocks each) which fall down the playing field - the 'well' or 'matrix'- to form specific structures. If it is true that play is at the base of every creative activity and if we all share building-with-cubes childhood memories, we designed the BAU packaging as a fun way to bring the "matrix" to adult realities."



Designed by mousegraphics, Athens, Greece

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