Shave & Blade

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Designed by Eskimo, Shave & Blade is a new shaving brand.

"The target audience is the wealthy man, who's life is in a constant flow. They need to take care of themselves, and shaving is one of thier main routine. S&B is the place where he can visit after work, relax in a comfortable chair, and get a little attention. The barber will take care of the client to be smoothly shaved and look 100% sharp. The main feature of Shave & Blade is that shaving is only by straight razors.

In the plans of development the brand will have a franchise around the world, so it has to be international, understandable and relatable anywhere in the world. The first step in this direction was the sonorous and easy-to-understand name."



"It was great and interesting project from the start. We studied thoroughly a lot of symbols related to shaving and the experience of other brands. Also big attention was given to logo font. It should be simple but gorgeous and recognizable even in the abbreviated version of the name.

As a result of the logo sign search, we stopped at the hedgehog. An unshaven man is closely associated with one. The hedgehog is also a very unique, memorable symbol, which stands out from the competition. One important fact that struck us was that the behavior of the male hedgehog in the wild emphasizes masculine traits: it is independent, confident and stubborn. The male hedgehog can chase about the selected female for hours and ready to stoically endure the pain of girlfriend needles during lovemaking.

Black and white colors with the addition of warm shades of brown gives the brand reliability and validity. As the main corporate indicator color, bronze was chosen. The bronze is used in the documentation, packaging and interior. We've carefully work with fonts to complement the sleek identity. We ended up with the contrasting pair of: Grotesk P22 Underground CY Pro and classic antique Times New Roman."

Designed by Eskimo, Sankt Petersburg, Russian Federation

Art Director: Pavel Emelyanov
Designer:  Pavel Emelyanov
Illustrator: Valery Golubtsov
Project Manager: Denis Gluschenko
Photographer: Andrey Pleshkov

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