Before & After: Tropicana, Canada

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A long-time partner of PepsiCo Canada, Shikatani Lacroix was asked to refresh a line of Tropicana Juices and Tropicana Tropics for the Canadian market.



Designed by Shikatani Lacroix, Toronto 



The challenge for tropicana juices was that the new designs had to stand out from other Tropicana lines but still align with the entire Tropicana portfolio. In order for the cartons to stand out, it was important for us to identify specific brand attributes that would quickly connect with consumers. The predominantly white backdrop helps the vibrant fruit imagery pop, creating a clean, fresh and bright look for the carton. The wood texturing underneath the fruit imagery creates a premium quality feel to the packaging. The fruit canopy on the top of the carton maximizes the use of this small piece of real estate to further distinguish the individual juice flavors. The bright colours and bold photography make the flavour separation very clear and distinguishable for the consumer.

"The attractive combination of shapes and colours reinforces consumers’ perception of the Tropicana brand and gives the packaging a current and fresh look and feel."


Before & After

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"The primary challenge was to develop a brand platform that reduced Tropics’ association with the Tropicana Pure Premium master brand. The new design also had to provide greater differentiation from national brands and private label competitors, which had started emulating the key brand equities of Tropicana Tropics. Another challenge the design team faced was to evolve the definition of 'tropics,' which was a critical and differentiating dimension of the brand’s equity."

Research indicated that consumers were attracted to the brand’s tropics theme. To influence purchase intent, Shikatani Lacroix designed a new, larger Tropics logo and placed greater emphasis on tropical-inspired imagery. The blue ocean and sandy beach create strong billboarding for the various varieties when displayed together on shelf, while strong colour blocking helps distinguish the flavours.

The redesign was a huge success as both retailers and consumers received the changes with great enthusiasm. The brand has continued to grow market share in addition to meeting the design objective of creating greater differentiation from the Tropicana Pure Premium line of products" 


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