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X-Doria is a simple and sophisticated package design for a collection of products for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Galaxy devices. The simplicity of the packaging and the products are the main factor in the overall design. I really love this collection and the color scheme, the turquoise elements brings just enough color and attention to the packaging. Read more about Knoed and their take on this project after the jump!






"X-Doria is a Santa Monica-based company, focused on creating a collection of stand-out products for iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and Galaxy devices. They came to us in need of a complete brand overhaul, including a new vision for the brand, logo redesign, packaging system and shiny new website. We kept the look clean to let their product designs shine and went dark and sophisticated to give a premium, quality-made feel. X-Doria's products can be found at major retailers like Target, Best Buy, Staples and Micro Center."


Designed By: Knoed, Chicago, Illinois - U.S.A

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