Who Gives a Crap

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Who Gives a Crap supplies feel good toilet paper that uses 50% of its profits to build toilets in the developing world. Swear Words used all it's branding and design translation skills to visualise this clever concept to package. We did this through an amazing international collaboration of creative thinkers, which included a product designer from New York, a social entrepreneur in Melbourne and famous copywriter in London to name a few.

"impact to date shows that every roll of Who Gives A Crap is basically providing someone with access to a toilet for about one week. When it comes to flushing out poverty and saving the planet, we’re on a roll. And together, we can save the world from the bottom up."


Part of the brief was to turn the toilet paper category "on its ass" and consider every pun possible when it came to wiping your bum and how it should be displayed in your bathroom.

Designed by Swear Words, Australia 

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photo by The Thousands


photo by The Thousand

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