Luna Burger

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Luna Burger was founded with the idea of using authentic ingredients,  grown locally to make good burgers.  Luna Burger uses all organic and sustainably-grown vegetables and grains that are hand-crafted into veggie burgers. Like their pure development, their packaging (soon to hit store shelves) features the same eco-friendly notion by using veggie illustrations and sustainable printing.

"Megan and Barbie Luna created Luna Burger out of their joint desires to integrate a love of good food with meaningful work.  As participants in community gardening and community supported agriculture, incorporating the values of connection and relationship into the business was imperative.  Their use of Ohio-grown ingredients allows support of the local economy and the development of a more sustainable and equitable local food system.  Luna Burger strives to develop relationships with local family farmers and community gardeners that will create connections in the community, linking the growers, makers, and eaters of food. They also work to minimize environmental impact through composting, recycling, and conscientious use of resources and seasonally-preserved ingredients."



 via Luna Burger

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