For the Love of Brands: BRND WGN's 2012 Holiday Wine Packaging

These guys would do anything For the Love of Brands. For the third year in a row, BRND WGN carefully crafted thier BRND WGN Wine bottles. See more of the bottles and the process after the jump!






"We honoured the close of 2012 with the third and final edition of our BRND WGN wine bottles, made with tender loving care and filled with a fruit driven, full bodied Shiraz. The bottle label reflects our company mantra 'For the love of brands' in a playful hand-drawn typography. Each of the 150 bottles produced was individually sealed in pink wax and nested in a sack-cloth sleeve over which we placed a final touch in our own vowel-free style; a message to our esteemed clients: 'BRND RSPNSBLY'."

Designed by BRND WGN, Malta