Altar Herbal Martini

"ALTAR worked with The Gooder Companies who led the initial groundwork for the brands design and overall aesthetic, as well as the typography and information hierarchy. Gooder developed a considered and unique glass bottle that was meant to represent old meets new- a beautiful tall and strong vessel just waiting to be discovered. The branding platforms narrative seeks to marry old-time apothecary with California contemporary meeting the demands of modern day sophisticated consumers."





"Adding to the creative direction was OKO Design Studio, along with the ALTAR team, who lead the art direction for the design and shape of the label, which capture a retro speakeasy/apothecary aesthetic. The language and product descriptions were written to read like poetry set against a dynamic backdrop- each flavor and ingredient prominently profiled, often revealing its exotic and far away native origin."
About Altar:
"ALTAR is a premium all natural adult sophisticated non-alcoholic beverage (aka- Herbal Martini) meant to be served alone as a ready to drink or paired with fine spirits as a good for you low calorie martini. It's under 40 calories per serving, made from all natural and organic ingredients, gluten free, and no artificial anything. There are five glorious flavors/mixers: Aphrodisiac, Bliss, Chi, Chill and Restore. Each flavor is a collage of global ingredients including single estate teas, heirloom fruits and vegetable, spices, herbs and botanicals. It's low calories, organic and all natural, also gluten-free"

Designed by The Gooder Companies, NY 

OKO Design Studio, Portland, OR