Sweet Earth

"Sweet Earth Natural Foods are made by laidback fanatics, which made them a natural fit for BrandCory. We found fertile creative ground in the tension between their passion for hand-crafting enlightened, nutritious vegetarian foods and their distinctly NorthernCal sensibility. The result is a brand language that strikes a balance between culinary credibility and abiding dudeness that manifests seamlessly across packaging, advertising and interactive.




"BC got rolling by crafting the brand’s strategy and design principles – laidback, casual, culinary, global, enlightened and hand crafted. We found our inspiration in the environment and lifestyle of the brand’s home kitchen in Pacific Grove, California - earthy and hip versus crunchy and hippie.

Earthy colors with a fresh twist of texture alongside craft paper elements and dark wood tones cue hand-made and premium. This allows the mouthwatering product images we created with noted NorthernCal photographer Patrick Tregenza to stand out creating a powerful, inviting shelf presence.

Youthful lifestyle imagery coveys that NorthernCal vibe and the sense that Sweet Earth is more than another vegan brand. It’s part of an emerging lifestyle and sensibility. This also comes though in our “Enlighten Up, Man” copy voice.

BC partnership went beyond branding and design. We worked alongside the Sweet Earth Sales team to help launch the brand across all Whole Foods in NorthernCal and continue to provide sales support and strategy insight as this brand continues to grow – organically.

Designed By: BrandCory

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