One of the harsh truth in a package designer's career is that what we design ends up in the trash. So, one question that we ask ourselves at least once in our life time, is "How do I change that?" Simon Laliberte provided us with one interesting answer to that question. Read more and watch the video after the jump! 

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Simon Laliberte, Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM) created "Dissolve" as part of the "REMARKABLE PACKAGING & ALTERNATIVES" for the Packaging Exhibition in Paris 2012. 

"The goal was to improve the packaging of a product already exists on many points: the information of the consumer, nature, mobility, distribution, ergonomics, and use the second life of the packaging . So i wanted to improve the packaging of a product known to everybody, the inevitable and classic toothbrush. A product, who, should normally be replaced every 3 months for a better personnal hygiene and more than 6 billion people on the earth should use a minimum of two times a day.

The packaging was starting a well-known plastic packaging such as reusable travel case. The challenge here was to remove any package after the purchase of this product because after three months, the toothbrush should be replaced by a new one. So if i could remove all the packaging after purchase and if the famous toothbrush was 100% recyclable, i reach my goal.

That's why i've been researching on biodegradable and i opted for the "PVA", a compound of polyvinyl acetate no-toxic, biodegradable and 100% recyclable. This paper of 60gsm is made with cellulose-based compound of tree pulp can be dissolve completely in water in less than 10sec. Really wonderfull! The design has been printed on paper using an soja ink black water soluble. Then everything was folded in a futuristic, attractive and ergonomic shape and eventually heat sealed at both sides."

Designed by Simon Laliberte, Universite du Quebec a Montreal (UQAM), Canada 

Intructor: Sylvain Allard

Video:  J-B Goudet 

Screen Printed by:  Atellier Bangbang