Bart Spices

"Honey worked along side The Bart Ingredients Company to develop the new brand, packaging, innovative new jar structures, inspirational in-store fixtures and its corporate communications, all focused on how the products would be used by expert and creative cooks."




"The function took president in the jar design with Honey creating the ‘Spoonkler’ top allowing the user to either sprinkle the ingredients or spoon out from the widened jar. The jar itself has been simplified for a much sleeker, more premium looking aesthetic.

The graphics have been given a refreshed modern feel whilst mainaining the key Bart equities. The heritage and expertise of the brand are expressed through fine details and a traditional appearance contrasted with a confident, modern typeface for quick identification in the supermarket environment.

As part of the repositioning honey also designed and built the new Bart website further bringing the brand to life off pack. The website is a user friendly, educational site that offers an array of information about herbs and spices and inspirational tips showing users how to be more creative with their cooking."

Designed By: Honey

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