Maarud Gaards Potetgull (Kettle Chips)

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"Maarud launched a brand new kettle chips product as an addition to their existing brand. It was to be an authentic chip made the old-fashioned way, with sliced potatoes, skin-on and cooked in peanut oil. The new addition was to benefit from Maarud´s strong brand yet have its own playful personality."


"In honour of Maarud´s heritage, the new design shows echoes of the old times with a hen and a cow depicted on the packet to remind us how the Maarud farm used to be busy with eggs and dairy as well as "making gold from potatoes" for its long-established potato chips. These simplified animal drawings show strong personality and show some "gøy på landet" (fun in the country) - a clear concept to help convey the packet´s main communication needs.

To make the packets stand out on supermarket shelves, each flavour is represented by just one colour. The taste descriptions indicate where each comes from: sour cream & pepper is no showoff city taste. The taste illustrations are also unique: sea salt is shown with an iconic ship in a bottle, just as much fun on land as at sea.

A mix of history and modernity give the packaging an iconic expression - it´s not just its quirky oldness that makes it fun, but because good design stays good over a long time."

Designed by Scandinavian Design Group, Norway


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