Borg Sommerol

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"Scandinavian Design Group found that the beer industry is quite conservative when it comes to design, leading many breweries to choose the same themes for summer beers - sea, boats and islands. Hansa Borg Breweries wanted to step away from this trend and aim for a brighter and lighter design." SDG provides them with a bright, light 80s inspired design.




The new design was to provide an instant feeling of summer whilst avoiding the usual cliches. The people of Østfold like to poke fun at themselves: we picked up on this through some 80s era fun elements: sunscreen in the sea, sunglasses, umbrellas and palm trees which offer hope of a tropical summer. Pastel colours help emphasise that the brew is light, perfect for summer's hot days and long nights. Even those too young to remember the 80s will be familiar with its lovely naive optimism and summer mood: just think of movies like Cocktail and Dirty Dancing or groups like Bobbysocks and Wham.

The design works well to communicate everyone´s favourite free and easy summer fun.


Designed by Scandinavian Design Group, Norway


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