Eroski Diapers and Nappy Pants

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Supper Studio was asked to design the packaging for diapers and nappy pants for Eroski.



"The challenge waste completely break the image that consumer have on diapers. We strive for distinctive image, to break stereotypes of this classic product. We have introduced a proper color with which creates a new feel for the range. We used elephants, giraffes, ducks, cow and hippos to highlight the more playful side. Each stage correspond to an animal that is also a cutout.

The result is a line of communication that is simple, straightforward and fun. The consumer has an easy access to the information they need and easy coding system makes it easy to buy at first glance."

For the nappy pants we knew we had to break completely with the lines of the diaper stages. We put to focus on children. We wanted to convey that they are grown and make them feel good about being a big kid.

We started by radically differentiate the color from the diapers. This time we also focus on using stripes, patchwork circles to convey that spirit of cheerful children. The images of children with fun, cheerful and full of personality."

Designed by Super Studio, Madrid

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