DD/MM/YY Organic Tequila


Organic tequila packaging created by Yujo! for DD/MM/YY.



"With the recent years boom of new tequila brands, trade marks are scarce. This organic tequila was conceived with the european market in mind but it´s original name could not be protected there so we faced the challenge of coming up with a new naming for it. For some reason, we wanted to use a number that was representative of our client´s history, the process itself or a date that marked this distill´s story. In searching for it, we asked ourselves, why use only one date when we can use them all? And thus we decided to name the product after the universal dating format: DD/MM/YY. This way we commemorate the events that changed human history with every new production (On 09/02/45 the second world war came to an end, on 07/20/69 man landed on the moon and on 02/16/05 Kyoto´s protocol begun).

Time cannot be stopped, but it sure can be bottled. "

Designed by Yujo!, Guadalajara, México.