La Créme

"The La Créme brand is sophisticated and luxurious - which aligns perfectly with the product's rich, creamy flavors and authentic ingredients. A product of LaLa Dairy, it is distributed nationwide. The La Créme team came to BC to create a brand language that stands out in an increasingly cluttered landscape and yet maintains its relevance with premium consumers. In 2011, a universal brand repositioning was launched based on the brand promise that in all aspects of life one should strive for the créme de la créme.



BrandCory partnered with the La Créme team to rebrand the entire La Créme portfolio - including developing the portfolio design strategy for La Créme yogurts, coffee creamers, whipping creams and mousses. The cohesive system needed to work on all packaging structures and product categories, creating a unique look for each category, yet connecting the La Créme brand through all touchpoints. BC started the project by crafting the brand's design strategy and foundation design principles - Bold, Simple, Rich and Premium - consistent with brands belief's.

The BC teams studied upscale fashion brands and trends to create a collection of design elements that elevate the brand beyond the grocery store experience. Out of the study, a timeless brand mark emerged. To add depth and credibility to the brand design, a proprietary collection of editorial quality photography, custom calligraphy, classic typography and a luxurious color palette was created. Finally, the BC team delivered a complete brand manifesto detailing the brand vision and use of all brand design elements to the La Créme partner agencies.

Designed By: BrandCory , Texas 

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