Bun Mee

MINE™ created wonderful branding and packaging design for Bun Mee, a Vietnemese inpired sandwich shop. The goal was too move the tasty popular sandwich out of Chinatown and onto Main Street. 




"We are a gourmet Vietnamese-inspired sandwich shop that seeks to move this popular street food item out of the alleyways of Chinatown and onto Main Street. Although bánh mì is the only sandwich to come out of Asia, it is still relatively unknown by mainstream Americans. We see our role as educators and innovators of this food item. We want to make our food accessible, fun and—most of all—delicious. Everything we serve is fresh and prepared in-house, using recipes that belong to my Vietnamese mother in collaboration with distinguished San Francisco chefs from the Culinary Edge. We pay careful attention to sourcing high-quality ingredients locally, whenever possible. We want to serve good food with heart. We hope to build a brand that is synonymous with gourmet bánh mì sandwiches."

Design Firm: MINE™ , San Francisco 

Creative director and designer: Christopher Simmons
Designer: Nathan Sharp
Designer: Justin Holbrook
Interior architecture: Abueg Morris Architects
Hand-lettered signage: New Bohemia
Interior signage production: DPI

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