Side Project Jerky

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Packaging for a small batch jerky producer located in Philadelphia, PA. Interview with the designer and photos after the jump.

"Side Project Jerky is the result of weekends spent marinating USDA Choice Top Round Beef in a variety of familiar flavors, testing and re-testing drying times to find the perfect texture, and enjoying the results."

Gina Angie: Where is SPJ being sold?

Daniel Olsovsky: Right now we're doing a majority of our sales online at where you can order all 3 flagship flavors: Original, Mongolian and Southwestern. The first retail location to pick up the Jerky was Hickoree's in Brooklyn and two locations in Philadelphia now (proudly) stock it. Art In The Age of Mechanical Reproduction, located in Old City, and COOK, located on Rittenhouse Square.

Gina Angie: What type of customer did you have in mind when designing the branding/packaging?

Daniel Olsovsky: THINK: Outdoorsy Americana re imagined by japan. Urban contemporary. Refined.

I'll ask you, what kind of Beef Jerky would Wes Anderson or Ralph Lauren what to eat? Certainly not what Sasquatch has been snacking on... In my opinion, I feel the (jerky) market is completely saturated with very sophomoric positioning (it can almost creates a negative stereotype for Jerky enthusiasts) especially since the widely available brands are targeted to a specific demographic, mass produced and taste like gas station garbage. I figure, If we can get a new consumer to engage with SPJ by relying solely on the branding/packaging - I did my job. Captivate them, and the rest will follow!



Gina Angie:  Is there some kind of map in the background? And how did you arrive at this packaging solution?

Daniel Olsovsky: Great questions. Each flavor is first vacuum sealed and individually hand wrapped in its own (unique) re-purposed mechanical drawing that would otherwise be tossed in the trash can. It also references Marcos's primary occupation as a construction manager.

Gina Angie:  Is there anything else you would like to share with fellow designers and packaging admirers?

Daniel Olsovsky: work hard & be nice to people.

Designed by Daniel Olsovsky

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Marcos Espinoza