Fresh & Easy Fresh Iced Tea

08 31 12 tea

New fresh iced teas for Tesco’s US chain Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market.

"The ready to drink range includes unsweetened tea, green tea, pomegranate white tea, sweet tea, tea with lemonade and a unique Moroccan-style mint tea.

The use of hand crafted illustrations convey a home made feeling with the pitcher evoking sharing and summertime refreshment. A two tone color scheme and contemporary yet folksy illustrations are tailored for each tea giving each one a unique and distinct look.



Romance copy was written to convey the natural unprocessed home brewed attributes. ‘freshly brewed from tea bags the way you would at home’"

"Our design solution is bright and eye catching yet maintains a crafted and handmade feel. The nature of these products required a design that had shelf standout but looked natural and homemade at the same time. “ – P&W

Designed by P&W

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