Pana Chocolate

08 31 12 pana

 Absolutely wonderful packaging for a line of organic raw chocolate bars.

"Pana Chocolate is a handmade raw organic chocolate brand based out of Melbourne, Australia. To fit with the companies ethos "heart your insides, heart the earth", the packaging was designed to be eco friendly – recyclable foil, soy based pantone inks, 100% recycled board – the result is a very rough, organic feel. The aim was design packaging for the chocolate that drew the right people to it, but also to make people outside of their usual market want to try it purely because they loved the packaging.



The chocolate makes the most of all natural ingredients, so it was intended the flavour / colour range would draw the best and brightest colours from nature also. As a start, the company launched 9 flavours, with plans to expand the range in the future. A colour plan was devised from the beginning, so new flavours would simply expand the rainbow with the basics being represented by the browns."

Identity, illustration and packaging designed by Porsha Marais.

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