The Fermentation Society

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WORK Labs has partnered with local homebrew beer enthusiasts to create The Fermentation Society.

"Over Labor Day weekend, The Fermentation Society held a private homebrew exhibition event where 4 select homebrewers shared the fruits of their beer-crafting labor. This event also served to test a web-based system that helps homebrewers collect feedback about their beers. We decided that we wanted homebrewers to spread their beer-making reputations beyond their immediate social circles, capturing this information and make it engaging to everyone who loves homebrewed beer anywhere in the world.



We have developed a platform to use the power of the mobile web to do just that. It works something like this:


  1. A homebrewer finishes a batch of beer and registers it on The Fermentation Society website.
  2. A unique batch number and scanable QR code are assigned, and is applied to a sheet of adhesive bottle labels printed by WORK Labs.
  3. The labels (and matching caps) are sent to the brewer within a few days of their registration.
  4. The homebrewer labels his/her bottles, and distributes them with a simple instruction: “Try it, scan the label with your phone, and share your opinion on the site.”
  5. Anyone trying the beer can then rate it according to 5 simple dimensions on the Fermentation Society site. They can also leave a Tweet-length review.


Voila! The homebrewer (and anyone else who signs onto the site) can see what people really think of their beers. The best homebrewers start to build a reputation based on their beer-making prowess."

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