Before & After: Zonnebloem Laureat

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Beautifully upgraded label design.

"Laureat is the flagship of the Zonnebloem collection and takes its name from the laurel conferred in ancient and modern times on those deemed worthy of the distinction. A full-bodied yet graceful blend, it pays homage to those who shaped the reputation of this proud name in South African wine. Each pictorial element of the label is a reflection of an important element of Zonnebloem’s history, each a clue to its past, featuring elements of the Malherbe and De Villiers family crests, the gable of the original Zonnebloem farmstead and a championship trophy. The new look, that is strikingly different from its earlier iterations, also better distinguishes the specialty wine from the core range."



Designed by Just Design
Designer: Jay Badenhorst
Illustrator: Doug Powell

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