Reishunger Bio-Risotto

08 08 12 rice6

New design from Reishunger the German rice brand which focuses on authentic and premium-quality rice from all over the world. Check out past Reishunger designs we have featured on The Dieline.

"Bio Risotto is a convinience blend for risotto available in 6 differents sorts. They only consist of finest organic ingredients, are quickly and easily prepared in under 15 minutes and taste heavenly. Simply put the risotto mix in a hot saucepan, add water and a dash of wine and stir it for roughly 15 minutes. In the end, refine your risotto to your taste by adding Parmesan, roasted turkey breast or fresh vegetable. Done! One package (250g) amounts to two large helpings.

The package design derives from the original Reishunger-Package and additionally includes a graphic of the main ingredient, such as a tomato or an eggplant. Also different from the original Reishunger-Package is the transparancyof the bag in order to create a viewing window, so the ingredients can be seen."



Designed by Grabowski Böll 

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