Clearly Kombucha


Kombucha: it sounds foreign, and perhaps a little scary.

Although commercially marketed for nearly 20 years, nearly every brand of this fermented tea beverage has had “straight from Haight-­‐Ashbury” packaging, complete with mandalas and psychedelic paisleys. Clearly Kombucha’s goal is to make this refreshing non-­‐ alcoholic beverage easily accessible to the general public, so the company consciously took a decidedly different tack with its packaging. The 12 oz glass bottle’s elegant label with a crisp full-­‐spectrum design says Ralph Lauren rather than Grateful Dead.

According to co-­‐founder Ali Zarrow, “One of the unique aspects of our product is that it is clear, free of the cloudy sediment found in other kombucha. We wanted a package that allowed this to show through the label.” Caleb Cargle, the company’s other co-­‐founder, noted that “we spent three years doing R&D to create a product that tasted great from the first sip, and that did not have to be an acquired taste. So clearly (forgive the pun) we needed a package design that was equally inviting to consumers who had never heard of the category.”


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