Bodega Privada


Buenos Aires based package design agency Tridimage was commissioned to create the brand and package design identity for Bodega Privada wines.

Bodega Privada means ‘Private Cellar’ in Spanish. Tridimage was inspired by the idea that these Argentine wines are part of a private collection. A kind of club that keeps its secrets locked away. To enter the cellar, the consumer should find the appropriate key.


The textured paper contrasts with the relief and brightness of the shinny gloss spot lacquer, highlighting the artwork of the twelve keys that were specially illustrated for the collection. In every label the keys are combined in a different way. This supports the idea that each wine varietal is unique.

Designed by Tridimage 

Tridimage bodega privada1Tridimage bodega privada3Tridimage bodega privada4Tridimage bodega privada2