Ernest Supplies


"We approached the design of Ernest Supplies – a new 100% natural men’s skincare line – with the idea that it was a part with a man’s real life; that it felt like it already belonged."

The client sought something that felt simple yet evolved and we knew it needed to look like it worked.The product is made in the US and all of the formulations use only 100% natural ingredients, which inspired us to not use a typical “bottle in a box” associated with premium skincare packaging. We started over. We sought to align the product philosophy as closely as possible with the design philosophy.


The identity expresses the healing properties of the antioxidants and vitamins contained within. The package leaves behind the smallest carbon footprint possible.The custom pouches are designed to be tough enough to be shoved into overstuffed bags, lightweight enough to travel and still look good when your date snoops in your medicine cabinet at home. The small custom spout allows just the right amount of product to come out...every last drop.

Designed by MILOBY 

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