Student Spotlight: Deux Toiles

08 02 12 deux tolies

A series of bathroom amenities for The Cullen, a boutique hotel located in Melbourne, Australia.

"Inspired by the residential artist who is also the founder of the hotel, I carefully developed the ideas, subtracting the unnecessary elements in order to communicate better while maintaining simplicity.

The name Deux Toiles means 'two canvases' in French, which links back to the nature and the background of the hotel; the guests will draw memories by using the amenities.
During the project, I heard that the residential artist and founder Adam Cullen had passed away on the 26th of July at the age of 47. Being in deep sorrow, I thought it would be honoured to let many people know about the design, cherishing the memory of him."



Designed by Wonchan Lee, a final year student attending RMIT in Melbourne, Australia.

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